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Volley Tennis Rules (The Basics) Serving: - Must be underhand - Servers feet need to be behind the service line - Serve must go to Center Forward - Center Forward must let it bounce before hitting over the net - A second serve is allowed if the first does not make it over SCORING -Rally scoring will be used.

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The rules of volleying are overall pretty simple. First, don’t volley a serve; you will lose the point. However, if you are going to volley after the serve has been returned, you can more or less do what you wish. But remember, it doesn’t mean it is the best shot to use just because it is allowed to volley.

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Do not hit from straight on. You should be comfortable with striking the ball to the side of your body. An easy phrase to use when hitting the volley is “squeeze and freeze.”. When you make contact with the ball, “squeeze” the grip and try to “freeze” your momentum.

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The team receiving the serve may contact the ball no more than _ times letting it bounce _ time between each hit. 3 1. on the ___ hit, the ball must be ___ ____ ___ ___. 3rd hit over the net. ________ the ball is not allowed. spiking. the ball may bounce over as long as it is on it's _____. 1st.

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A point is played out with just 2 rolls of the dice. The first roll determines whose matrix will be used (server or returner) and the second roll is used on that matrix to determine the outcome of the point. It is critical that the server stay ahead in the game otherwise a point won can become a point lost.

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Well, it depends... If your opponent volleys and/or obstructs the ball whilst it's still travelling over the playing surface, you win the point. But if the ball has already passed over the playing surface and it's obviously not going to hit the table, your opponent wins the point.

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How To Develop Feel For The Volley. The main idea behind the volley is catching the ball. We all automatically move the hands forward when we want to catch the ball; therefore, we don’t swing at it. “Catch (Absorb) and Push” the ball when learning to hit the volley.