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Football fan definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

If you are a fan of someone or something, especially a famous person or a sport, you like them very much and are very interested in them. See full entry COBUILD Advanced English Dictionary .

FOOTBALL FAN | Meaning & Definition for UK English | Lexico.com

A person with enthusiasm for and an interest in football or a football team; a football supporter.

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Why English Soccer Fans Keep Chanting 'It's Coming Home'

English soccer fans have been using "It's coming home" as a rallying cry during the World Cup. Here's why U.K. fans use the phrase.

Fan (person) - Wikipedia

A fan or fanatic, sometimes also termed an aficionado or enthusiast, is a person who exhibits strong interest or admiration for something or somebody, such as a celebrity or a sport or a sports team, a genre, a politician, a book, a movie, a video game or an entertainer. Collectively, the fans of a particular object or person constitute its fanbase or fandom. They may show their enthusiasm in a variety of ways, such as by promoting the object of their interest, being members of a related fan clu

Urban Dictionary: Plastic Fan

This word can be used by football (soccer) fans refering to a fan that changed his favorite team because his favourite player left the team or the team was relegated Sam is a Real Madrid fan but he changed to Juve because Cristiano Ronaldo moved to Juve so he is a plastic fan

Football Slang, Interesting Jargon and Pigskin Lingo For Fans ...

A player who has the ability to play and do well. This term is especially popular in fantasy football, where a fantasy football team can get a player and plug him into the lineup, hoping he will play well and get your fantasy team a lot of points. Pooch

Ultras - Wikipedia

Ultras of Levski Sofia Ultras of Lazio Ultras are a type of association football fans who are renowned for their fanatical support. The term originated in Italy but it is used worldwide to describe predominantly organised fans of association football teams. The behavioural tendency of ultras groups includes their use of flares (primarily in tifo choreography), vocal support in large groups and ...

Fan definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

As a boy he was a Manchester United fan. A fan is a flat object that you hold in your hand and wave in order to move the air and make yourself feel cooler . If you fan yourself or your face when you are hot, you wave a fan or other flat object in order to make yourself feel cooler.